Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 26- 30

Bacon Bears,

Keys to Character Unlock The Future

We had a great Wellness Week. Kids and Teachers participated by wearing colors each day that symbolized wellness. Thank you to Mrs. Spanbauer for coordinating the week!

Winning homerooms from Wellness Week:

Mrs. DiGiorgio's class 

Mr. D's class 

Mrs. Sinone's class 

Mrs. Taylor's class 

Mrs. Devita's class 

Mrs. Pedrick's class

In addition, last week we had our first Bear Bucks and Bear Challenge. Students were able to spend their Bear Bucks in the store on various items. Those students who were brave enough to take on the challenge were treated to a surprise. The challenge required students to show their "spit ball" skills... Here is the video from the challenge:

Don't forget that this Friday is the Halloween Frolic from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Prepare to be scared

Pictures from around the school
Selfie with Diary of a Wimpy Kid character 

Art work at Club 21 

Teachers working together for Healthy Schools 

The Respect Jeep 

Let's stand hand to hand and not bully! 

Mrs. Taylor's kids are so smart! 

Proud of their work! 

Carlos talking with parents about the RAC Survey 

Students learning about Fire Safety 

Cafeteria time 

Cafeteria time 

Ms. Riley showing her pride in Wellness Week! 

Weekly Overview
Monday - A Day - Grade Level Meetings - SGO; Newsletter submissions due
Tuesday - B Day - Volleythrow Practice, 8:15 AM;
Wednesday - C Day - Wheaton Arts trip; Recycling Assembly, 2:00 PM;
Thursday - D Day - Wear Pink!
Friday - E Day - Wear Orange and Black; Healthy Halloween Parties; SGO's Due; Halloween Frolic, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Lunch Menu 
Monday – Chicken Patty, Seasoned Green Beans and Chilled peaches
Tuesday – TACO TUESDAY!! 2 hard or soft tacos w/ Brown Rice, Seasoned Corn and Fresh fruit
Wednesday – Cheeseburger, Baked Beans and Chilled Applesauce
Thursday – French Toast Stix, Baked Apples, Sausage and Orange Juice
Friday – Homemade Flatbread Pizza, Tossed Spinach Salad, Choice of fresh fruit

The Alternate Lunches: Pizza or Ham and Cheese Sandwich, PB&J w/ Parfait

STAFF – Don’t forget to try our new Grilled Chicken Sandwich!

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