Friday, April 22, 2016

April 25 - 29, 2016

Bacon Bears,

Being positive, being yourself, being the best you, helping others, being awesome, not giving up, enjoying the moment, embracing today, realizing that YOU CAN DO IT...these are things we embrace here at Bacon.  The bulletin board pictured here is near our cafeteria, so every student has a chance to read it.  What a great reminder to continually strive for excellence, authenticity, and optimism in all we say and do.

These things matter because everyone has influence, and everyone is being influenced.  Once we realize and come to terms with this, the questions then become...

  1. Will I surround myself with people who have a positive influence on me?
  2. Will I be a positive influence on those around me? 
Our Bacon family embodies the power and persuasion of being a positive influence, and we hope to always remember how important these truths are as we interact daily with our students.

And so... 

This was another busy but great week here at Bacon.  The PARCC test was in full swing, and Ms. Spanbauer and Mr. Hudson kept things on track. An extra big shout-out to all the students and staff for helping to make these days of testing go smoothly.  Great job!

The students vs. police floor hockey game was held on Wednesday.  It was back and forth, but the students ultimately gained and kept the upper hand.  A great time was had by all, and we are grateful to the officers who came out to play and bond with our students.  Thank you to all the players, parents, and officers who made this possible.

The police kept it close, but the Bears held on!

Thank you, Millville PD!

Earth day was Friday, and it was great seeing so many lessons have an Earth theme. From the weather and nature to Earth's geothermal properties, a lot of ground (or should that be Earth?) was covered, and many classes ended the afternoon in an Earth Day scavenger hunt outside.  The teachers thoughtfully planned the day's activities, and the students had a great time learning about our planet.

Coach’s Corner by Mr. Hudson 
     This week fourth grade finished up their PARCC testing and third grade started theirs.  Students have been working hard and making their teachers proud.  Next week, PARCC will continue for third grade on Monday-Wednesday.  Also, make-ups will be going on throughout the week.  Ms. Spanbauer and I want to thank the parents for continuing to get our Bears to school on time. 
In addition to that, I was able to observe several awesome activities in the classrooms.  Mrs. Gandy’s class were building circuits and using inquiry to discover how magnets work.  The discussion the students were having about magnets and circuits made me think I was in a room with electricians. 

     In Mrs. Bingham’s room, I was able to see a guided reading lesson.  The students were reading a book called, “Baby Animals.”  Mrs. Bingham provided the students with time to showcase their knowledge on different baby animals prior to reading the text.  The students seemed to have a lot of background knowledge about different baby animals.  The group seemed very excited to read this story.  Knowing Mrs. Bingham and her love for nature and animals, these students will be reading more books about animals and learning about their habitats.  

Pictures from around the School

Book fair - so many options
Minecraft + Cheez Its = high engagement!
Student using the SMART board to find the area of a shape 
Students working together to find the area using Cheez Its
We are always growing in one way or another!

Birthday Selfies!
Alex Gomez

Ava and Jayden Morales

Joshua Novitsky

Weekly overview (be sure to check the official school calendar) 
Monday: D day - 3rd grade PARCC testing
Tuesday: E day - 3rd grade PARCC testing
Wednesday: A day - Workout Wednesday, GT trip to Cape May, 3rd grade PARCC testing
Thursday: B day - Group pictures, take daughter/son to work day, PARCC make-up testing
Friday: C day - Wear Bacon gear, PARCC make-up testing

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